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19th February 2013

The Facebook PDA

Molly Allen dishes the dirt on Facebook relationships

In 2013 we can communicate with each other through the Internet without really having to get out of bed. However, the problem with Facebook is that nothing seems to really be private. Potential employers can see our drunken photos from Bop, we know far too much about people we barely even know and various ‘hip’ family members know all about our current relationship statuses.

With the relationship statuses come the cyber-monsters who plaster their happiness all over our news feeds. We see their unnecessary statuses detailing what a wonderful day they had together. There are usually multiple nauseating photos of said couple kissing and doing ‘couply things.’ Now, I have no problem with people being in relationships. I want them to be happy, but I don’t want it shoved in my face via the Internet. It’s the sort of thing I would expect to see on (cast your minds back) Bebo.

This unnecessary form of online PDA suggests to me that the golden age of true romance is over. Would Romeo be writing “spending the night with my beautiful girl Juliet Capulet, not supposed to but #YOLO?” Would our grandparents behave in such a way? The idea of my grandmother writing such soppy platitudes is laughable.

So, to those of you who successfully maintain a relationship with minimal Facebook posts, I salute you. You are clearly not 13 at heart. To those who feel it necessary to display to the world a photo of you with your tongue down your significant other’s throat, I hope this article is enough to make you think twice next time.

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