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7th April 2013

Must See: 8th – 14th April

The best of local theatre this week

The Victorian in the Wall

Winner of the Perrier Award for Comedy in 2004 Will Adamsdale brings his new show to the Royal Exchange this week. A surreal and fantastical story which centres on a work-shy-writer whose career is waning relationship is stagnating. After being left in charge of the home improvements he finds a Victorian man living in the wall of his flat. Can the visitor renew his motivation and save his career? Can he save his flagging relationship? A new and original piece of drama in Manchester for two days only.

Runs 12th – 13th April at the Royal Exchange Studio. Tickets £10.


The Taming of the Shrew

Directed by Edward Hall, William Shakespeare’s well known classic comes to The Lowry. Following the story of two suitors competing for the hand of Bianca Minola, but are prevented from doing so until her elder and notoriously tempestuous sister Katherine is married. The two vow to find her sister a suitor and the play explores the blurring line between marrying for love and marrying for money.

Runs 10th – 13th April at The Lowry. Tickets £14.    


Twelfth Night

Propeller, directed by Edward Hall, also perform Shakespeare’s classic comedy Twelfth Night, a story of romance, confusion and mistaken identity. Set in Illyria an ancient region on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea the story follows Viola the survivor of a shipwreck in a tale which explores the nature of reality and illusion.

Runs 9th – 13th April at The Lowry. Tickets £14.



A new and original piece of theatre from the Just Add Water Theatre Company. A dark tragic-comedy about a boy’s journey towards the fate that awaits him in adulthood, using physical theatre, music and puppetry.

Runs 11th April at The Lowry. Tickets £10.



A work-in-progress which dramatizes a collection of poetry about a long distance relationship between Amsterdam and Manchester. Using theatre, dance and music to explore the idea of absence, attraction and existence.

Runs 10th April, 2pm and 7.30pm at The Contact. Tickets free.


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