27th April 2013

Review – Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall

Knife of Dunwall offers three new missions for Dishonored, are they up to scratch?

Fans of Dishonored may have be wary of purchasing DLC after the first add-on offered nothing new in the way of story. But those who purchase The Knife of Dunwall will be rewarded for their faith.

The Knife of Dunwall follows Daud, the assassin who killed the Empress in the opening sequence of Dishonored. He seeks redemption for his actions, entering an investigation into a mysterious woman called Delilah in a thoroughly confusing plot, which fails to make you care for Daud’s fate as you did with Corvo’s. Not even Mr Blonde himself Michael Madsen’s voice work could engage me with the plot. This was a shame, as the story in Dishonored is strong and made the assassinations matter.

While the Knife of Dunwall is weak in terms of plot, it more than makes up for it by providing three mission of top notch gameplay. If you are a fan of Dishonored’s open-ended levels, which allow you to finish the game without killing a single enemy, then you’ll love the Knife of Dunwall. The opening Slaughterhouse level has all the hallmarks of a great Dishonored level. It has dozens of rooftops walkways, places to hide, and enemies to target. Once you enter the Slaughterhouse you are presented with a truly interesting environment with pools of whale blood and terrifying butcher enemies  attacking you with deadly rotating blades.

Playing through the Knife of Dunwall, you begin to notice that enemies aren’t so easy to pick off. It’s not that they are stronger, just that there are more of them and they’re closer together making stealth a greater challenge. Unless you are setting out to finish the game without killing anyone, you will most likely end up in combat with multiple enemies relying on your trusty pistol and chokedust grenades to get you out alive.

The Knife of Dunwall is worth buying for one reason alone, it gives every Dishonored fan what they wanted after finishing Dishonored, more Dishonored.

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