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UK’s most prolific rapist convicted in Manchester Crown Court

//Breaking: UK’s most prolific rapist convicted in Manchester Crown Court More


Vote YES for a paid Editor at The Mancunion

Vote on your Student Portal (My Manchester, Union tab)


– Better quality publication
– More support for students
– More opportunities for students
– More accountability

Read the full manifesto here:


“I would heartily endorse the reinstatement of having a Mancunion editor doing the role on a paid sabbatical basis.

“From personal experience, it would have been impossible to juggle such a role with one’s studies, particularly with the amount of work that was involved in dealing with advertising, printing and distribution.

“Having a full-time paid editor also made an enormous difference during the summer term when many of those involved in The Mancunion’s production are revising for exams and unavailable to help out in the normal way.

“I was quite shocked to learn that the post was no longer an executive position.

“When I was editor, it was a running joke that The Mancunion editor was the hardest-working member of the union executive, something that I gather continued in later years.”

– Ian King, Business Editor at The Times

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Joe Sandler Clarke

Joe Sandler Clarke is the head of student media at the University of Manchester. He was longlisted for Amnesty International's Student Human Rights Reporter of the Year in 2012. He was a News Editor at The Mancunion in the year 2011-12
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