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Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday

//Breaking: Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday More

Craving and saving – Are you fur real?


Michael Michael Kors at Net-a-Porter £255

Many designer labels continue to use real fur to show their exclusivity and their premium brand image. Everyone is desperate to show that they have the best quality products and it seems real fur shows just that. This Michael, Michael Kors Cotton blend coat with a fox trim hood is relatively cheap compared to completely real fur coats in the shops today. It is a premium twist on our everyday parka and could be worn everyday with jeans and converse to wrap up this winter. (If you can afford it!)

At £255 it is way out of reach for a normal student budget. Even so, does wearing a fox around your head and neck really make you want to spend that much? Real fur is known for its amazing warmth capabilities in the cold winter but surely we could just add a few layers. The question is, is real fur worth it?





The fur debate has long been around, with many highstreet and designer brands, beginning to shun the use of real fur for more harmless alternatives. As the alternatives to fur continue to spring up the question is raised as to whether there really is a need for real fur or whether we are just selfish, fashion demanding consumers. Stella McCartney continues to sell her faux fur coats at a premium price alike to other designer real fur coats. But as students, Stella McCartney is well over budget; luckily H&M have faux fur at affordable prices. H&M have plenty to offer with faux fur jackets and coats in all lengths, colours and prices.This jacket is perfect for the winter chill, paired with day dresses and woolly tights for day or worn to cover up at night.

It is a winner on all basis, style, price and of course harmless fake fur. Now in the sale at just £20, get it before it’s gone!

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