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21st February 2014

Manchester students hear the real stories behind the HIV pandemic from young people living with HIV

“Student Stop AIDS” comes to Manchester

An event held by ‘Student Stop AIDS’ has taken place in the Samuel Alexander Building on UoM Campus. It follows a series of events which have toured the UK’s Universities this month, with participating Universities including Sheffield, Leeds and Lancaster.

‘Students Stop AIDS’ is a campaign which consists of young people in the UK who are dissatisfied with the lack of political and financial support for the HIV pandemic, and aims to raise awareness among young people.

Manchester students were spoken to by current HIV Aids sufferers living in the UK, to end the negative stigma and discrimination attached to HIV and engage students in their current campaign: ‘Access to Meds for All’.

The speakers were dressed as wolves in sheep’s clothing to express their disapproval over new EU government deals which could impact the availability of vital medicine.

In a Press Release, the campaign expressed their concerns over these deals.

It said: “Over 80% of the medicines keeping people with HIV alive in the developing world today are made by generic drug companies in India.”

“The EU is currently trying to force developing countries to accept new Fair Trade Agreements (FTA). These deals include term and conditions attacking the supply of affordable generic drugs.”

Saoirse Fitzpatrick, Coordinator of Student Stop AIDS also said: “Health is a human right but without generic medicines it becomes a privilege that only the rich can afford. As members of the EU we have a responsibility to make sure that the trade deals we instigate do not interfere with this right to health and we are dedicated to challenging them if they do.”

The campaign urges students and members of the public to write to their perspective candidates for the upcoming European Parliament elections, requesting that candidates do not support these deals.

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