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4th November 2014

Pub of the week: Jackson’s Boat

Sam & Charlie review another South Manchester pub for those looking to try a new drinking venue.

This is a pub for the day-trippers. Situated on the banks of the River Mersey, Jackson’s Boat dates back to the 1730s and is one of Manchester’s oldest pubs. The name comes from an old farmer called Jackson who once ferried people across the river. Eventually the ferry was replaced by a bridge and the inn on the bank became the pub. The building is a weird combination of old and new, with a red brick façade and a puzzling paddle steamer-shaped rear. The interior was a little dated, with dark corners and staring animal heads, but the pubs main draw is its expansive and leafy beer garden which would trump anything M14 can offer on a summer’s day. This pub is great for thirsty cyclists to use as an end or midpoint to a trip as it is not far from the end of the Fallowfield loop, and were the wheels to fall off your £30 gumtree bike there is a bicycle repair shop next door.

Drinks: Timothy Taylor, Aspall and EPA on tap and a standard selection of lagers.
What’s on: Hosts multiple dog shows throughout the year for all you canine lovers.
Get There: Follow the Fallowfield loop to Chorlton, go through Chorlton Park and then follow cycle route signs to Sale waterpark. Takes around 20 minutes.

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