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Photo: Jody Hartley

Helena Young attends ‘Afflecks After Dark’ and writes about what makes Afflecks a Mancunian must-visit this Christmas.

Top 5 Movie Drinks

This Freshers’ Week there is a high chance you might drink some alcohol, so why not use that opportunity to get really cinematic?

Photo: Helena Young

The Font-naissance

Fallowfield’s favourite bar, The Font, is being replaced by a business as similar to its predecessor as possible. The £2 cocktails are back!

Photo: Marco Verch @ Flickr

An ode to The Font

Laura Swain writes in memory of The Font, Fallowfield. A versatile café, bar and pub with great food and the famous £2 cocktails. It will be sorely missed.

Photo: StockSnap @ Pixabay

PLY’s new winter cocktail menu features an array of festive themed drinks: from the Roast Peach Old Fashioned to the hot chocolate wine, there’s something for everyone this Christmas.

Christmas Party Drinks

It’s nearly time to open the first chocolate in your advent calendar! It’s not just me who still gets one, right? And that means the sometimes dauntingly boozy festive season is upon us, but what the fuss can you rustle up in terms of Christmas party drinks, both boozy and non-boozy?  Beer and wine is […]