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9th January 2019

The Font-naissance

Fallowfield’s favourite bar, The Font, is being replaced by a business as similar to its predecessor as possible. The £2 cocktails are back!
The Font-naissance
Photo: Helena Young

Just a mere month ago, beloved Fallowfield bar and café, The Font, closed its doors for what we thought was the final time.

This happened after a whole host of bars, pubs and restaurants in Fallowfield were forced to close. This was due to newly implemented council regulations on business hours.

The Font, at first, avoided closing down. But, they had to drastically reduce its drinks menu to the disappointment of many customers. Eventually, however, The Font was forced to face reality and shut down the business.

Although the Chorlton and City Centre branches remained open, things never quite felt the same.

However, a new year’s miracle has graced us with its presence on the most important news source for students in Manchester: Fallowfield Students’ Group. An elusive post hinted at a revival of our favourite £2 cocktails, great coffees and delicious and cheap food menus. The new bar is said to be as similar to The Font as possible, including the ever-popular quiz nights.

For those of us in the depths of essay despair or wading our way through mountains of revision, this news is a gleam of hope in an otherwise grey and dreary period of our lives at Manchester. It is a shame this news hasn’t come a few weeks earlier. I for one know that The Font’s unlimited tea or coffee deal would have helped me through these trying times. Alas, I will have to provide my own constant stream of hot beverages.

It may not be the same old Font as we know it, but ‘the vibes, the times and crucially the old team’ have been promised a return.

I know it is hard to contain your excitement. But for now, we must wait in suspense until Friday, when the full announcement is said to be being released.

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