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24th November 2014

GMP launch new domestic abuse web app

In anticipation of the Christmas period, GMP are launching a new web app intended to raise awareness and give a real-life understanding of domestic abuse

Greater Manchester Police are launching a new web app: Your call: Domestic Abuse. The app is aimed at increasing awareness amongst people about this important issue, too often under reported.

Your call: Domestic Abuse gives members of the public an opportunity to walk in the shoes of police staff and officers who respond to reports of domestic abuse from members of the public as well as understanding it from a victim’s point of view.

A promotional event for this campaign was hosted by GMP at the Trafford Centre on Wednesday 19th November.  Explaining what the new key features of this app are, Detective Chief Superintendent Vanessa Jardine said: “The app is a scenario based experience. It is not based on real life, but from what we see regularly.

“It takes you through an incident and it makes you take some decision about what you may do. It gives you some suggestions: would you call the police now? Do you want the police to turn up? If you press the button and make a decision, the consequences of those decisions come as well. It encourages people to understand the issue and help them to make real choices.”

The web app has been launched ahead of the festive period, because statistics show that usually during Christmas holiday there is a significant increase in this kind of crime.

For example, figures show that between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day last year there were 2096 reports made to police about domestic abuse. This compares to 1444 the previous year. The shocking statistics, showing a 45 per cent increase, highlight that the fight against domestic abuse is not over and that more work needs to be done.

D/C/Supt Vanessa Jardine observed: “This is a sad statistic which highlights the scale of the problem across Greater Manchester particularly during the festive period, when finances become tighter and tensions get higher.”

This is why everybody should be actively involved in reporting what happens around them. Not only the victims can call the police, but family, friends and neighbours should also be aware of the support services which are available.

Nowadays, there are several ways to obtain help if you are being subjected to domestic abuse in any of it forms — physical, sexual or psychological. This web app is one of the methods that GMP started to use to reach a wider range of people, thanks to a new kind of technology.

Anyone who feels that they are being abused by a partner, ex-partner or a family member can approach their GP or nurse for help. The Domestic Abuse Helpline is also available to offer support for victims on 0808 2000 247.

To access Victim Support’s services you can call, text, email, self-refer. To find out more about the range of services we can provide go to or call our Victim Care Unit in Manchester on 0845 456 8800.

For more information or to report abuse, you should contact the police on 101 or the Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0161 6367525. You can also visit the GMP website for more information

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