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17th February 2015

Preview: Patience

Nicole Tamer anticipates MUGSS’s upcoming performance of Patience with excitement as the cast get ready to woo, sing and make the audience end up in stitches

From the first moments of the rehearsal, it is clear that the whole cast is incredibly engaged and despite the humourous atmosphere, everyone takes their role very seriously. “Patience is my favourite Gilbert and Sullivan opera and I proposed it because the society hasn’t performed it since 1989,” explains Rachael Lewis who is part of the chorus.

The plot mocks the aesthetic movement of the 1870s and ‘80s in England and showcases extremely silly yet likeable characters. Patience is the name of a dairy maid whom everyone tries to woo, but who is not interested in anyone herself. Not even the admired yet self-absorbed aesthetic Bunthorne can win her heart. But when her childhood friend Archibald comes along, who is even more aesthetically inclined, the tables drastically turn.

The performance next week promises a roller coaster of satire and a room full of laughter. During the rehearsal, the dull performance room was transformed into a world of wonder and it couldn’t cope with the volume of the professionally sounding voices. Amy Barker, a member of the committee, mentions that everyone is very excited and that everyone has put a lot of effort into it. The society started rehearsing mid-October and the adaption is pretty faithful to the original opera, besides it being more melodramatic. Especially impressive is the choice of the cast. As soon as the actors entered the stage, their characters told the story with fantastic singing and were accompanied marvellously by the score. A definite must-see. If the show is better than the rehearsal, it will have the whole audience in stitches. The society’s next endeavour will be a concert on the 2nd of May. More details can be found on the website

Wednesday 18th – Saturday 21st February: 7.30PM
Sunday 21st February: 2.30PM

Manchester Grammar School

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