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12th October 2015

VIP Launch: Banyan Bar & Kitchen

Contributors Lucy & Katie head to the VIP launch of Banyan Bar & kitchen to get a preview taste of what’s on offer

Arc Inspirations have delivered a successful range of trendy restaurants situated throughout the UK, so when the opportunity came to try the new Banyan Bar and Kitchen, we jumped at the chance. The new restaurant is situated in the heart of Manchester and adds to the collection of eateries found within the historic Grade II listed-building known as the Corn Exchange.

We attended their launch night on Thursday the 1st of October for a taster of what the trendy new hangout had on offer, and we were not disappointed. From first glance, the new restaurant is inviting and enticing, with its floor-to-ceiling windows and impressive outdoor terrace. The inside lives up to the expectations set by its exterior: The bar is a sleek area against the backdrop of the bustling city, and its ambience creates an intimate feel through low-level lighting.

For a more formal setting, the dining area is tucked away up some stairs, with an impressive open kitchen. Downstairs there are two private dining rooms, The Root and The Well, which can be hired out for parties and functions.

On arrival we were greeted with cocktails, which came from the menu of amazing creations. We were lucky enough to sample the Pea and Mint Bellini, which ingredients included dry Prosecco layered on top of their homemade sugar snap pea syrup, mint and St Germain elderflower liqueur. This drink is vibrant, refreshing and the perfect way to begin a cool evening. The Pea and Mint Bellini turned out to be one of the best cocktails we tasted from the menu and in fact one of the best we have ever had. Charged at the reasonable price of £6.95, it is a definite must if you are heading here for drinks.

Adding to the cocktails that we also sampled were the Raspberry Cooler, a Blueberry and Raspberry Sour, and an Espresso Martini. All of the cocktails and drinks were priced fairly enough to not make a huge dent in your student loan, making Banyan Bar and Kitchen the perfect place for a chilled and easy night out.

After the cocktails exceeded our expectations, we were looking forward to trying the food that Banyan Bar and Kitchen had to offer. We tasted a small selection of nibbles that the bar produces and the only thing that we were let down by was the fact that we were unable to sample more. We managed to try a mouthful of their Teriyaki Salmon, which was a taste of heaven and melted in our mouths. We also sampled a bite-size portion of their Crispy Cajun Chicken Burger, which was soft and succulent.

However, without a doubt our taster of the Tempura King Prawns stole the show. They were buttery, soft and cooked to perfection. The selection that we were able to try has definitely left us wanting more so we will be heading back for a second round in order to gain a wider taste of the menu.

Banyan Bar and Kitchen is the perfect place for anyone looking for delicious food and creative cocktails. We were extremely impressed by the appearance of the bar, the food and drink and the attentive staff. We have been left wanting more and will be booking our next table as soon as possible. Watch this space for a second review of this fabulous new bar and kitchen!

Banyan, Manchester
Exchange Square
M4 3TR

Visit their website at:

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