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Overheard in Manchester

“Do you remember when that guy came round with a samurai sword?”

–Overheard in Fallowfield


“It’s so hard not to get paralytic in Manchester”

–Overheard on a Magic Bus


“All the French do is fucking protest”

–Overheard in the Library


“I personally find menstrual blood foul. It’s just a different texture isn’t it? I mean, it’s got bits in”

–Overheard in Withington


“Apparently he’s bi, but I’m not buying it”

–Overheard in Didsbury


“A guy on the floor above me came down and did a shit in our kettle. No honestly, an actual shit”

–Overheard in Big Hands


“You chat so much shit but you have a pretty face so it’s fine”

–Overheard in Fallowfield


“I’m going to start ordering sex like fast food. Would you like a medium or an extra large?”

–Overheard in the Students’ Union


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