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Chewing Gum

The Gum List

1.  Trident
A loose, perky gum, perfect for easing the jaw into action. The 2012 ‘Cinnamon’ batch has a rough viscosity, making for excellent mastication. The 2013 ‘Splashing Fruit’ incarnation, meanwhile, makes for a light, summery chewing gum.

2. Wrigley’s Spearmint
A full-bodied gum. Recommended for adding to a tired ball of Trident for a sharp injection of reinvigorating spearmint. Suitable with red meat.

3. Fisherman’s friend
A fabulous vintage chewing gum with a thick, minty accent. A dry, taut chew. Additionally useful as a rugged throat lozenge for the throes of winter. Serve chilled for best results.

4. Juicy Fruit
Gentler on the mandibles than more robust brands such as Wrigley’s or Extra. Dry and unoaked, with a fragrant character, though the overbearing fruitiness may be a little crass for more refined tastes.

5. The inside cheek
There are moments—in which one loses all sense of time, place, and chewing gum—when one must simply chew something, be that as it may the inside of one’s own face.

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