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Henry Scanlan

Henry Scanlan

Head Music Editor and third-year student of History.

Review: Hardcore Henry

Henry Scanlan reviews his Hardcore namesake

Live: Tame Impala

This is how you make the leap to the bigtime: Tame Impala know how to fill an arena, and Kevin Parker knows how to wear the emperor’s clothes

Janis: Little Girl Blue

Amy Berg’s new documentary remembers Janis Joplin in all her glory

Preview: Field Music @ Fopp Manchester

Heads up! Field Music are playing at Fopp Record Store on Saturday at 3pm to premier their new album Commontime

Interview: Jeffrey Lewis

Lo-fi legend Jeffrey Lewis took some time out of his UK tour to discuss his thoughts on what it means to be a musician in the modern age. Luckily, we caught him in a ranting mood…

Preview: Louder Than Words

Louder Than Words, a literary music festival for the thinking muso, gets our recommendation

Live: Alex G

Is this apathy or ecstasy? Who can tell. Either way, it’s pure melody. Henry Scanlan reports on Alex G, live at Night & Day

The Gum List

Henry Scanlan is a serial raver, chewing gum connoisseur, and columnist for ‘The Weekly Chew’

Preview: Sankeys Manchester

After a successful summer in Ibiza, Sankeys is opening its doors in Manchester once again

Manchester 2015: A summary of summer

Here’s a few things you may have missed. Or, if you’re a newcomer: here’s a few things you have always been missing

The rock ‘n’ roll ‘n’ health ‘n’ safety hotline

Massachusetts punk band Speedy Ortiz’s texting hotline is a small but important step to making moshpits a safer place

Festival: Primavera Barcelona

Primavera’s line-up, Barcelona’s sea side; sound and setting in perfect harmony

Opinion: “Tonight, Matthew, I’m going to be…”

Henry Scanlan couldn’t remember the greatest article in the world; this is just a tribute

Live: Ex Hex

Classic DC punk: nothing more, nothing less

Live: …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead

Trail of Dead live up to their fearsome reputation with a manic live show

Live: Lola Colt

Lola Colt’s swaggering, gunslinging sound is more than a one-trick pony

Live: Hawkwind

Hawkwind perform truly bonkers psychedelia with a punk edge

Live: Rae Morris

Rae Morris has charming qualities, but her songs are two dimensional

Album: Real Estate – Atlas

The real beauty lies in how effortless the whole thing sounds

Album: Mogwai – Rave Tapes

Familiar Mogwai tropes on Rave Tapes are mostly pleasing but occasionally a little dull