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5th October 2016

Deputy opinion editor applications open

The Mancunion is looking for a deputy opinion editor, apply through the link below

We have an opening for a deputy opinion editor at The Mancunion. All current students are welcome to apply, applications will be open until noon on Wednesday 12th of October.This is your chance to work for the biggest student newspaper in the country and gain authentic journalism experience.

Applications are open here. 

The experience you will gain working for a student print publication will be invaluable and enhance your CV immeasurably. Previous section editors have gone on to careers in the national press, public relations, and broadcast journalism.

All current students at the University of Manchester are able to apply and you don’t necessarily have to have worked for The Mancunion before—our only requirement is a demonstrable passion for journalism.

To apply, please fill in the application form in the link above. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact: [email protected].

If you become part of The Mancunion team you will also be welcomed under The Manchester Media Group umbrella and have opportunities to expand your journalism into not just print but also TV and radio through Fuse FM and Fuse TV. If none of that is enough to tempt you into joining us, we also quite like a social and promise that your year in student media will be unforgettable.

All section editors are expected to work diligently with the rest of Editorial Team to ensure the paper produced weekly is to a consistently high standard.

The role does require a significant amount of time to be committed, but this volunteering time will be printed upon your degree certificate, and will be highly valued by employers. We will also work to help you manage your time effectively to ensure you’re able to create a balance between university work and your editorial commitments.

Section editors are required to run weekly meetings for contributors to attend and pitch stories. They must act as mentors for their contributors and work to engage them in The Mancunion and help them to improve their writing and understanding of journalism. After distributing the articles for that week they must then work to ensure all the content is submitted to our sub editors on time. They then must use InDesign, which they will get thorough training in prior to the first print deadline, to layout their section ready from print every Friday.

Overall we ask that all section editors work enthusiastically and passionately throughout the year to ensure all the editorial staff feel supported and part of a strong team. Our aim is to create quality journalism in an inspiring environment


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