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22nd November 2016

Alternative ways to celebrate your birthday

Not keen to celebrate your birthday with another night out at Factory? Read this article for some inspiration for an alternative way to enjoy your day

For those of us not hugely thrilled at the thought of a night out, coming up with ways to celebrate your birthday can be tricky. Nights out for most are fun, spontaneous, not massively costly, and easy to organise, all things hugely appreciated by university students. So, transferring these qualities to another activity can be tricky when you are keen to get as many involved for your birthday as would be game for a night at Factory.

For those with winter birthdays, especially living in Manchester, it is likely an indoor activity will be better received. Go Air Manchester is an indoor trampoline park located just east of the city, and although perhaps targeted at younger audiences (the woman on the other end of the phone asked if my ‘group’ were all ‘under tens’), it can still be a laugh for those of us not ready to accept we are in our twenties. It is only £5 an hour per person and a great way to break any ice between friends who don’t know each other.

Junkyard Golf is a crazy golf course located opposite Piccadilly train station in town and offers players the chance to have a few rounds of crazy golf in an array of differently themed courses. There are bars and music throughout the courses and each route has been decorated with scraps from charity shops and car boot sales to ensure a wacky and weird time. Super reasonable again, a round of a course will cost you just under £10, booking fees included. A great way to celebrate your birthday without breaking the bank!

For summer babies I am sure we are all well aware how stunning Platt Fields can be on a warm(ish) summer’s day, but if the built-up foam saturated with litter at the edges of the pond and the fragrant smells of illegal activity don’t do it for you, try out Fletcher Moss Park in Didsbury.

Free bus journeys all round with your annual bus pass and amazingly no one charging at the gates, it is a little green haven away from our usual stomping grounds of Fallowfield. It is the perfect spot for a picnic with a group of friends. Grab your WiFi speakers that usually accommodate pre drinks, some bath towels (since we are just not at a place where we would own a picnic rug yet) some great Lidl deals, and you are good to go.

And there you have it, some easy, cheap, and fun ways to enter your adult years with only little resistance against your looming future.

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