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Photo: UoM Feminist Collective

UoM Feminist Collective puts on ground-breaking ‘BAME voices’ poetry night

On Thursday 25th of November, The University of Manchester’s Feminist Collective put on the pioneering poetry night ‘BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) voices’.

The night focussed on poetry dealing with issues which disproportionately affect the BAME community but everyone was welcome.

There was an impressive set-list of professional and amateur poets, including poets from The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University, who presented spoken-word, prose, and verse pieces on topics such as police brutality, cultural identity, and Donald Trump.

Every piece that was read was met with a warm reception from the full room. The audience was made up primarily of students, including but not restricted to members of The University of Manchester’s  Creative Writing Society and ex-part time Students’ Union officers, as well as members of the Feminist Collective.

The organiser of the night and BAME officer of UOM Feminist Collective, Seevena Raghubeer, told The Mancunion: “I started ‘the Feminist Collective Presents’ to provide a platform for marginalised groups to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas on topics that disproportionately affect us.

“The first event, BAME voice, was even more important to do because of recent events that have left the BAME community worried and fearful for the future. It is a space for feeling safe, loved and most importantly, empowered in our own skin.”

The excellent reception and response to the empowering evening means that it will likely be repeated in the future.

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