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University of Manchester buildings re-open after flooding causes disruption

//Breaking: University of Manchester buildings re-open after flooding causes disruption More

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Breaking News: Oxford Road closed due to burst pipe

//Breaking: Breaking News: Oxford Road closed due to burst pipe More

Photo: Uosof Ahmadi @ YouTube

Students sneak in Old Trafford for a sleepover

Uosof Ahmadi has hit the sporting world by storm this week as he filmed himself pulling an all-nighter… in Manchester United’s Old Trafford Stadium. Alongside his friend, Kyle Morgan-Williams, Ahmadi had been on a stadium tour at Old Trafford the night before Manchester United played Arsenal, when he put his plan into work.

The two hid in the toilets in the stadium and lasted all night in there, but they were eventually caught out in the early hours of Saturday 19th of November, when they came clean. The two just missed out on the 12:30pm kick off between United and Arsenal, which ended 1-1, but did make it to see the warm-ups. After realising that they had no seat, and that they were attracting attention, they came clean

The 24-hour stunt theme is not new to the pranksters however, as Ahmadi has successfully spent the night in M&M’s World and McDonalds, and has since become a YouTube sensation. The Biochemistry student at the London Metropolitan University had also attempted the same prank at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium but were unsuccessful, as they chose to hide in the players’ Changing Rooms.

Uosof’s Twitter @uosofahmadi tweeted twice on the 23/11/16: “I’m getting messages from all over the world asking for interviews, this is crazy!” and “I need to revise lol and I’ve been taking calls since morning.” They spent a total of 17 hours overnight in the toilet, and Uosof is said to have passed out for twenty minutes under a seat due to the cold at one point.

The two were eventually handed over to police but were not arrested after being put through rigorous searching; it was decided that they were no risk to supporters so were let free.

Photo: Uosof Ahmadi @ YouTube

Photo: Uosof Ahmadi @ YouTube

“The biggest fail was not bringing food or wearing enough layers,” said Uosof Ahmadi – but I think the biggest fail here was from Manchester United’s security. Although this all looks like fun and games (and it is pretty funny to be fair), Manchester United security staff will be on edge for a while now; this is the second stadium scare they have had in six months.

On the last game of the season last year, Bournemouth had come to play United at Old Trafford, but the game was called off due to a suspect package being found in the toilet. United announced soon after that this turned out to be a false alarm, as it was a fake explosive left behind from a training exercise.

The two lads, however, have no plans to stop with their videos, especially the internet craze that is 24 hour sleepovers in public places. They’ve even posted a video online that lasts around half an hour of how the evening unfolded. A few highlights from the video include a sarcastic dab in-front of Paul Pogba’s shirt, somebody knocks on the secret toilet door before moving away, and a security guard shouting at them for not bringing food for the night: “absolute basics.” For many of us, the closest we will come to this is pulling an all-nighter in the Alan Gilbert.

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