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28th November 2016

The evening wear staple: The leather skirt

Talia Lee-Skudder reveals the investment piece every girl should have hanging in her wardrobe as her go-to evening staple

The leather skirt is a slick update on the classic black skirt, making it the perfect choice for all of your evening engagements.  The leather skirt has become a much sought after item on the British high- street in recent years, prior to this it was probably more likely to be at home on a throwback photo of your mum in the eighties. However, now with a number of brands jumping on board the trend, the leather skirt is an enviable and irreplaceable item in many wardrobes.

From ASOS to Oasis and Tophsop, our favourite high-street brands have created countless skirts in different styles to suit all body types. The pencil leather skirt compliments those ladies with hourglass figures whilst a mini skirt is great for flashing those pins. Whilst these brands do create good quality leather skirts at affordable prices, they also cater for those who don’t want to splash their cash on one item and design skirts made of PU which give the same effect for a fraction of the price.

The leather skirt is my go to item for evening wear, especially when it is a last minute outing that I haven’t had time to prep for. I bought my trusty leather skirt over three years ago from ASOS and it has been my faithful companion ever since. It is good quality leather and has only got better with age and wear.

Usually I team my miniskirt with strappy black heels and a crisp white shirt for a simple and classic evening wear look that you can wear again and again. The versatility of the skirt is enough to persuade even the most frugal to invest in good quality leather.

Not only is it ideal for evening wear, it is also perfect for daywear. It looks as fabulous with a pair of heels as it does with a jumper and a pair of boots. Look at this item as an investment that you will wear for years rather than a colossal waste of money that could have been better spent on food. Believe me, the perfect leather skirt will have a firm place in your wardrobe for many years to follow.

For the more adventurous, why not try a leather skirt in a metallic PU? Most high-street stores and online shopping sites will have some variation of the leather skirt and usually in some lust-worthy metallic shades.  A metallic skirt will be the statement piece of your outfit, so keep your top plain and simple, all attention should be on your beauty of a skirt. Gold, silver and rose gold skirts are stylish updates on your classic black leather. If you love a style and know it suits you, then obviously you must buy it in every colour available. Thankfully, it seems most brands create their pieces with this philosophy in mind.

The leather skirt is sophisticated but also exudes sexiness and is an edgy update on your boring black mini or pencil skirt. Banish them to the back of your wardrobe and invest in what will be your new evening wear staple. Whether you opt for the classic black or brave the metallic trend, the leather skirt will be the best purchase you have made all year. It is an investment after all.

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