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Sophia, a Drama and Screen Studies student, recently decided that the University of Manchester’s large international make-up was a culinary opportunity just waiting to be explored. This, after some serious brainstorming, led to the idea of Fuse Food.

Fuse Food is a new show coming to Fuse TV which will have student chefs cook simple, healthy and tasty dishes to inspire other students to save pennies and get back in the kitchen. The show is looking to encourage students to be inspired by different foods and diets and ultimately open students’ minds up to healthier dinner options.

Fuse Food will enjoy a different chef each week that are experts in a particular cuisine. This is where Sophia saw the chance to celebrate Manchester’s enormous international student body. Sophia felt that it would be a wonderful opportunity to have students from all over the globe cook a delicious and healthy meal that they can share with other students.

The idea is to not only include different cultures and cuisines, but give all students a new insight into cooking and encourage them to try some fantastic recipes that they might otherwise not have tried or have deemed too complicated.

The show will include a variety of different cuisines, including Spanish, Indian and Caribbean. However, there will also be a focus on different diets, to suit any taste. Many dishes will be vegetarian and a whole episode is dedicated to veganism.

Another factor Fuse Food looks into is nutritional eating for physical and mental health, to boost students in the more stressful parts of the semester. The first episode is Vegetarian, and our student chef will be making a potato and onion frittata.

The first episode is available now through Fuse TV’s Youtube channel.

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