14th December 2017

Do you think you’re a Star Wars superfan?

Prove yourself in a quiz you will

It’s an exciting time of year what with Christmas being only round the corner, but there’s something that has made the cold winter months even better… Star Wars is hitting our screens on Friday 15th December!

Premieres tend to bring out the biggest and baddest superfans, with people in cosplay queuing overnight to get into the cinema, and this latest instalment will be no different if reviews are to be believed: the UK media have been giving it five stars left right and centre, with one review in The Telegraph even going so far as to say that it will “leave fans beaming.”

But the wheat needs to be sorted from the chaff, and we’ve found the perfect way to test your Star Wars trivia.

To celebrate the release of Star Wars The Last Jedi, Black Dog Ballroom on New Wakefield Street are hosting a Star Wars themed quiz on 19‌th ‌December‌ where you can flex your knowledge on their terrace from seven PM.

Questions will delve into every corner of the Star Wars universe, and you can enjoy your quizzing alongside some specially created intergalactic cocktails and a screening of The Force Awakens… it’s set to be out of this world!

This is your chance to prove that you’re the supreme leader of the Star Wars fandom… just don’t be a Jar-Jar! Entry is one pound per person on the the night, and to book a table just email: [email protected]

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