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9th March 2018

‘Tinder’ for flatmates

‘Campusboard’ launches a new flat-share feature that helps university students find flatmates and spare rooms with just a few clicks
‘Tinder’ for flatmates
Photo: Ed Bonsey

Campusboard‘ is a community that allows university students to trade pre-loved items with each other in-person — often saving large amounts on textbooks, and earning cash on unwanted items.

They have recently launched a new feature to help students find flatmates, spare rooms, and accommodation close to university. In order to sign up, you must have a verified university email address — as long as you have one of those, then it’s completely free to use.

So why flat-shares?

“Student rent is growing by as much as 10% year-on-year, and housing shortages are a real worry. One of our goals is to make student housing more accessible by allowing students to make more efficient use of existing housing. But looking for people to share a house with or to fill a spare room can be a daunting task – especially in a new town or at a new university. With our flat-share community we provide a simple way for students to advertise their spare rooms or share ‘room wanted’ profiles in one place” explains Ana Ciobanu, the Head of Business Development for Campusboard.

She adds, “Campusboard’s new flat-share feature also fits perfectly within our existing community; where we help students connect directly with each other in a safe and reliable manner.”

If a student has a spare room available, they can quickly create a listing for free, describing everything their available room has to offer.

If students are looking for a house share, they can quickly create a profile to give prospective flatmates a great idea of who they are — as well as the chance to describe their impressive dish-washing skills! You can see the necessary info about a potential flatmate and then decide who is the best connection for you.

As CEO and founder, Seva Baskin explains, “It cuts out a great deal of hassle, and students can find flatmates and house shares that actually suit them. All of the rooms available on Campusboard are posted by verified university students. So students can be sure they are connecting with real people.”

Who are Campusboard?

Campusboard was initially started at the University of Exeter by a group of friends who grew tired of overpriced textbooks and the lack of an easy way to trade unused items with other students. Since launching they have helped students across the UK trade thousands of items and save over £75k on textbooks alone. They felt it was the perfect time to offer their active community something new.

Campusboard has already received some great feedback on the new flat-share feature. Seva explains, “One student was ecstatic after she managed to find a flatmate in just 25 minutes. It turned out to be a friend who she had no idea was looking for a place. It feels great to receive such positive feedback and we can’t wait for more students to be able to use it.” is now ready to fully launch their flat-share community on all UK campuses.

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