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Live Review: Peace

Wednesday 9th May, The Leadmill, Sheffield

‘Someday I will be magnificent’ rings out Peace’s newest record, and that someday is here. They’ve got the power, alright. Their wonderfully frenzied and pumping rock’n’roll had The Leadmill in their own ‘Bloodshake’ on Wednesday night; shirts as glossy as ever, mops of hair flying, Peace were bloody well BACK.

In his signature flamboyantly fabulous manner, Harry Koisser launched The Leadmill into a crazed mosh of uncontrolled admiration, as that unmistakable tone dulcetly droned the first ‘Close your eyes’ of fan favourite ‘Wraith’.

‘Money’ and new track ‘Power’ were equally as exhilarating, whilst ‘I’m A Girl’ was an unexpected diamond in a sea of bejewelled tracks. “We’re gonna play an old song now”, crooned Koisser, as he played those all too familiar first notes of In Love tune ‘Toxic’. It ripped through the crowd as Koisser was down on all knees slaying that guitar the best he knows how.

‘Silverlined’ proved a hidden gem amongst the newer tracks, which each effortlessly introduced a softer side to Peace’s fruity discography, Koisser oozing emotion as he majestically strutted the stage. The track touched a nerve, as the frontman seemed to inject every last inch of being into those gorgeous lyrics.

No song does it better than ‘1998 (Delicious)’, and none was more satisfying than Koisser’s sweet-natured, “Oh Sheffield, you fall for it every time!”

The track weaved from murmured words to psychedelic Floyd extended instrumental, characteristically fooling the crowd into an early head-banging. That song soaks you up and spits you out in the finest form.

Peace seem to be the angels they so often sing about, floating dangerously closer to the sun, for no-one can touch them. Peace and love.


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