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19th October 2018

Fallowfield’s food under the microscope

Felix Hanif-Banks explores whether your favourite Fallowfield eateries are really up to the hygiene scratch
Fallowfield’s food under the microscope

Fresh data has been released by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) detailing exactly how clean Fallowfield’s favourite takeaway establishments can claim to be, with some of the student population’s most loved chicken shops, chinese takeaways, and noodle bars occupying the bottom spots of the list.

The FSA states that any business is able to achieve the maximum hygiene rating of 5, with the scale going down to 0 (in urgent need of improvement). Businesses are graded according to handling of food, storage, preparation, cleanliness, and management of food safety, meaning late night quests for a pizza or some chicken and chips might have to be slightly more considered if a personal favourite has been branded with an unfortunate 0 or 1.

From the last ratings, published in April of this year by the FSA, it seems there has been little widespread change or improvement. In April, 32 businesses in the Fallowfield, Withington, and Rusholme areas found themselves with ratings of 0 or 1, a number that is now a similarly disheartening 31.

Despite little improvement across the board, there were rare success stories of a diamond-encrusted wing in the rough. Those who enjoy getting their chicken fix slightly off the beaten track will be delighted to hear Allen’s Fried Chicken has gone from a lowly 1 in April to a now ‘generally satisfactory’ rating of 3. Elsewhere, brunch lovers and fans of Fallow Cafe will be interested to try their hand at Haus, a new restaurant in the same space that will hope to break from its predecessor’s rating of 1.

A number of establishments still leave a lot to be desired, as Wilmslow Road underdog Krunchy Fried Chicken, usually a spot for the more traditional fried chicken crowd, keeps its 1 rating. A few doors down, the people’s champion Chester’s has maintained a 3 rating, meaning the unmistakable scent of red salt will likely continue drawing in passersby like the pied piper of box meals and burgers that it is. However, Dixy Chicken on Wilbraham Road holds the fried chicken hygiene crown as it rests on a ‘good’ rating of 4.

Those on the hunt for a dinner defined by excellent hygiene shouldn’t fear, as Manchester still has many success stories. Fuzion Noodle Bar, Kosmos Taverna, and Jaipur Palace make up the most popular restaurants in and around Fallowfield with a 4 rating, meaning the general standard locally appears fairly high.

The dizzying heights of a full 5 rating aren’t seemingly too unachievable; more businesses in Fallowfield have achieved the top rating than any other number. The unapologetically traditional Battered Cod, a real local sweetheart amongst Fallowfield students, maintains its excellent standard with another 5, as do The Great Central Wetherspoons and Revolution. Interestingly, all the universities catered accommodation is also subject to inspection and ratings; thankfully it’s 5s across the board.

Check out the hygiene rating for your favourite takeaway or restaurant here.

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