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Hot Right Now: Filth

Filth are an up-and-coming rock outfit hailing from the grey town of Stoke. With a sound that takes inspiration from bands such as The Doors, Black Sabbath and from many different punk bands in the US and UK, Filth are an exhilarating culmination and reflection of the anxieties that are so prominent in our current society.

Their songs feature a mixture of clashing riffs and pounding drums over lyrics that discuss issues from disillusionment to contemporary politics. This can be seen in tracks such as ‘Full English Brexit’ and ‘Magic Money Tree’, which criticise capitalism and political bigotry over a cacophony of raging guitars and driving bass lines. Elsewhere on ‘Tongue To The Ulcer’, the band discuss the desensitisation we face towards art and culture: “We’re just ignorant to it all because we have to be else, you’d have a sensory overload every time you step out of your house…”

Lead singer of the band, Jack Melvin, describes his band as, “just writing songs about issues that affect us personally. So if anything, we stand for narcissism and selfishness.” It’s arguably a refreshing stance to take in our current political climate, where apathy is becoming increasingly commonplace.

Filth are set to play two upcoming dates in Manchester, and missing them would be a wasted opportunity. Catch them playing The Hive on the 1st of March and then Night People on the 4th of April for an unmissable performance.

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Matt Loreti

I am a musician in several bands, studying History with Economics. I have a great passion for music and love to review and explore ideas relating to music as well as wider political issues in the industry.
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