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28th February 2019

Kosmos Taverna: Fallowfield’s hidden Greek gem

Tucked away between the popular takeaway shops of Fallowfield, is a charming Greek restaurant, Catrin Stewart reviews the hidden gem of the student village
Kosmos Taverna: Fallowfield’s hidden Greek gem
Photo: Creative Commons @ max pixel

Tucked away behind a small doorway, between the popular takeaway shops of Fallowfield, is a charming Greek restaurant. With an understated blue and white decor compared to the garish neon and brightly coloured signs we see surrounding it, it is easy to walk past without noticing. Not least, because the restaurant’s name is written in Greek letters. I imagine the alphabet is blinding our English eyes from attempts to de-code it.

But this place is an oasis, a small taste of the Mediterranean in dreary south Manchester. You’ll find traditional feeling decor with the white walls and green plants. The lighting is soft and calming but bright enough to still see your food.

The menu is extensive, with plenty of variety between and within courses. There are traditional dishes such as vine leaves, stuffed peppers and moussaka. The Greek names might throw you at first but the descriptions of the food speak for themselves. I had the vine leaves to start – unlike many slimy incarnations of the dish that I have tried, these were perfect. A side of tzatziki provided sharp yoghurt and fresh cucumber that perfectly contrasted the richer flavours of rice and dried fruit.

Main courses come with a choice of plenty of different sides – I would recommend the cracked wheat pilau. It’s easy to overlook in favour of trusty chips, but you won’t be disappointed. The grain is soft, full of flavour and the perfect accompaniment to most of the dishes on the menu.

The waiter was attentive and friendly. He explained certain aspects of our dishes and why some sauces were matched with different elements. He highlighted the courgette and herb fritters as his favourite vegetarian dish, and I can vouch for that claim. They were light and packed with many fresh herbs but still felt like a filling main course

Finally – if you only do one thing that I have recommended in this review (other than going to Kosmos) save room for dessert and order the Baklava. I might be biased as it is one of my personal favourites, but the light filo pastry and generous layer of mixed rich nuts drenched in Greek honey should not be missed

Kosmos offer a ridiculously reasonable student deal that can get you two courses and a glass of wine for £10.50 any day of the week other than Saturdays. If that doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will.


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