8th March 2019

A week with Studifuel 

Read a week in the life of a Manchester student – but with the added benefit of snacks from Studifuel, a student tailored subscription snack box.
The market for subscription snack boxes is incredibly crowded. Amongst companies like Graze or The Vegan Kind, Studifuel are paving their way by targeting their produce specifically to students.
Unlike other snack boxes, Studifuel boxes include a selection of vitamins, herbal teas, and a recipe book as well as snacks. The emphasis is on healthy and organic ingredients, including vegetable or lentil crisps, dried fruit and oat bars, and a cheeky bar of green and blacks chocolate.
My week using up my Studifuel box, I must admit, did not begin well. Not being used to taking vitamins, I made the fatal error of chewing the Omega 369 instead of swallowing it whole. A delicious pool of fish flavoured oil exploded into my mouth. Not how I wanted to start my Monday morning! But, I learned my lesson, and have since managed to take the vitamins without any more dramas.
On Tuesday morning I had a heavy leg day at the gym. Coming home and searching for a post-workout snack, I found the Ma Baker Giant Bar. A wheat-free and vegan strawberry flapjack: perfect. The oats satiated my hunger and the generous portion size felt indulgent and satisfying. That evening I was feeling quite frazzled after a busy day at university so I had one of my chamomile teas before heading to bed. It was a nice way to unwind and slow down.
Wednesdays are my busiest day at university, so I headed in with my bag packed full of snacks to keep me going. The vegetable crisps were a welcome addition to lunch, and the cold-pressed fruit and nut Nakd bar worked as a great mid-afternoon pick me up before my final lecture.
On Thursday I forgot to take any of my snacks or lunch into university. A classic error, meaning I also had to buy lunch (damn you, £3.50 meal deals!) However, this did mean I had extra to choose from when I got home. As I was feeling a little under the weather, I chose to have a Manuka honey, lemon, and ginger Pukka tea which made me feel instantly refreshed. I also opted for the dried cranberries for some added vitamin C.
Finally, Friday rolled around, and I had nearly finished my snack box. Instead of starting the day with my usual strong coffee — I chose instead to have a blackcurrant and hibiscus tea. For those who know me, they would think I had gone mad. I can’t cope without a morning caffeine boost, but the tea was a pleasant surprise. The hot drink still woke me up and it meant I skipped the (secret) teaspoon of sugar that usually begins my day. Granted I did replace this coffee later on in the day, but its the thought that counts!
I had two final snacks left in my box: sweet and salty popcorn and the Green & Blacks butterscotch chocolate bar. Can you tell why I had saved these two? After what had been a very long week, I had both as a treat whilst watching a film with my flatmates.
My week with Studifuel may not have felt particularly different at the time, but it was definitely useful and welcome to have snacks at hand without having to buy them out and about. Instead of reaching for chocolate bars or crisps, I was carrying more organic and nutritious food.
It might seem indulgent or a tad expensive, but if you are a chronic snacker (like me) it might be a good idea. You’ll always have healthier food to hand and as a bonus, each box comes with a recipe book. The recipes are quick and easy and not too expensive — making them perfect for students. Studifuel might not change your life but it does make it that little bit easier. And who doesn’t want snacks posted right to their door?

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