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2nd May 2019

‘Truth and Other Assorted Works’: Creative Writing Society Zine

In a world of fake news, where the boundary between ‘truth’ and ‘falsehood’ is sometimes indistinguishable, The Creative Writing Society are taking on the concept of ‘truth’ in their zine which will be launched on 3rd May.

With 70 pages of poetry and prose written by over 22 student writers, the Creative Writing Society’s latest zine – ‘Truth and Other Assorted Works’ – promises to be a thought-provoking exploration into the idea of ‘truth’. With the modern understanding of truth becoming increasingly confuddled, in part due to the rise of social media and ‘fake news’, this Society does not shy away from tackling the salient issues of our time.

The zine, however, is not only a collection of creative writing, but it also contains beautiful photos which capture the palimpsest that is Manchester’s urban environment, taken by photographers Harley Weng U Pun and Tobias Soar. The zine also collaborated with Hannah Teeger, a student illustrator who has designed the alluring front and back cover; it is an undeniable truth that you’ll want this zine on your coffee table!

The works in the zine which explore the concept of ‘truth’ through a fictional or biographical perspective are the efforts of a vast array of student writers who attend the Society. One writer, Calvin Cheng, reflected on his membership of the group: “The Creative Writing society was really helpful to help me improve as a writer in the weekly workshops, but I also received opportunities to give back and contribute my experiences to writers.”

Asides from the personal benefits the group provides, another writer describes how the Society is “a bastion of free expression. It provides confidence and security for novice writers and literary geniuses. Silence is often how marginalised communities have been kept down. The Soc reminds us we each have a unique voice and give us a platform to use it” (Adrian Kanyoli).

Perhaps it is this platform of expression that is integral to upholding the truth; when powerful figures seek to distort reality and dismiss opposing opinions as ‘fake news’, we cannot simply shy away. The Creative Writing Society is reclaiming ‘truth’ and looking at it through the medium of creativity.

The Society will be launching their zine on the 3rd May at Manchester’s favourite homage to the arts – HOMEmcr – and will be selling the anthology for a reasonable £6. The launch will take place between 6-8pm in the ‘Event Space’ on the second floor.

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