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27th November 2019

Manchester to host series of drug legalisation events

The events will call on the government to “take drugs seriously” by promoting a transformation of current drug policy
Manchester to host series of drug legalisation events
Photo: Espos @Flickr

Over the next couple of days, a series of events raising awareness of the problems of British drug policy will be held across Manchester.

Hosted by ‘Anyone’s Child: Families for Safer Drug Control’ as part of a campaign for the Transform Drug Policy Foundation, the public events will take place on the 28th and 29th of November and are free to attend.

The events will include various talks, panel discussions, and Q&A’s with those directly affected by current drug policies, politicians who believe in the need for policy change, and other professionals, including University of Manchester Professor of Criminology Judith Aldridge.

On Friday there will also be a walk with bereaved families and activists in order to call for the legal regulation of the drug market.

The main focus of this series of events is to raise awareness of the beneficial effects that improved drug policy and legalisation could have on young people. Event organisers argue that the drug business can be made safer by removing the involvement of criminal networks; a change that would potentially save lives.

Anyone’s Child found that, in 2018, the death count from drug-related issues increased by 16% from the previous year. They state that the number of deaths reached an all time high amounting to 4359 last year – 494 of which were in Manchester.

Jane Slater, a spokesperson for the campaign, said: “Come to hear what our speakers have to say, because the drug laws can harm anyone’s child. Keeping drugs illegal isn’t keeping our children safe, it’s putting them in danger. Our voices must be heard and our politicians must listen. We need to put governments in control of the drugs market, so that families are better protected.”

Visit the Anyone’s Child website to find out more information on the events taking place and to book a free ticket.

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