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Franco Manca’s 40,000 Pizza Pledge for the Homeless

Recently, Manchester received their own branch of the well-loved, London-born Franco Manca. Their pizza is authentic, puritan and delicious – but their sourdough offerings aren’t the only contribution the chain is making to the Manchester community…

Over the past few years, Franco Manca has championed a Christmas initiative that pledges donations of up to 40,000 pizzas to the homeless during the month of December. This use of surplus dough not only acknowledges the problem of homelessness with compassion but also ameliorates the growing problem of sustainability and food wastage in the hospitality industry.

As well as this incredible pledge, Franco Manca staff in selected pizzerias have even opted to work on Christmas Day itself to make fresh sourdough pizzas for those without warmth or comfort.

Image: Franco Manca.

Javed Akhtar, the Operations Director at Franco Manca,  expressed how proud the company were to “help those most in need for months to come” and how committed they were to their aim to “limit food waste across the business.” He even commented that other restaurants in the UK should focus on these targets in the vein of becoming more socially and environmentally conscious as companies.

If this weren’t incredible enough, the company this year have decided to turn their Christmas initiative into an all-year pledge! From 2020 onwards, Franco Manca is pledging to turn their surplus dough into sourdough bread to help feed those without food or shelter all year round!

The Franco Manca team are encouraging charities, food banks and shelters to contact them to arrange sourdough collections via their website.

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