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Death Row Dinners: Sex icon edition

Though Valentine’s has just passed, I still only have one thing on my mind… Death Row Dinners of course!

This week we’re stretching out the romance by recounting the favourite foods and eating habits of some famous sex icons… Mwah!

Marilyn Monroe: According to an interview given by Marilyn in 1952 for Pageant Magazine, the icon had a few bizarre food habits…

  • Every morning she’d heat milk in a mug, crack raw eggs in and down the mixture.
  • She also commented that she “must be part rabbit”as she would routinely eat 4 raw carrots with every meal.
  • She loved liver (which she would fry in her hotel rooms).
  • Marilyn’s weakness was for hot fudge sundaes after every drama class. Can definitely relate.

Brigitte Bardot: French sex icon, known for her animal activism and strict vegetarianism. In an article by Richard Flaste in New York Times, Bardot’s cook recounts her favourites.

  • Her ultimate favourite is North African classic Tabbouleh. Like a form of couscous, with lots of lemon, sumac (a citrusy spice), parsley and tomato.
  • She loves lemon tarts also, clearly a very zesty woman.

James Dean: This handsome film star loved nothing more than…

  • Spaghetti, meatballs and pizza. Basic but admirably classic.

Elizabeth Taylor: Iconic Film star who, much to my bemusement, gifted James Dean with a Siamese cat whom he apparently cherished

  • Liz loved nothing more than fried chicken and mashed potatoes. A goddess with a food ethos I can live behind.
  • Oh, and caviar apparently.

Elvis Presley: Rock and Roll sex icon of the 50s, this star was known for his gluttony.

  • The ‘fools gold loaf’ was his ultimate favourite. An entire Italian loaf of bread stuffed with a pound of bacon, banana, peanut butter and jam. Love that.

Johnny Depp: everyone’s favourite ’90s heart-throb.

  • According to ‘FanPop’, Depp’s favourites are apparently fried chicken, Mexican and Sticky Toffee Pudding.


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