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25th February 2021

Review: Frost Burgers

Continuing our takeaway review series with a new arrival: Frost Burgers
Review: Frost Burgers
Photo @ Sorcha Cullen

Frost Burger’s is a Scouse burger brand with a 100% plant based menu. They’ve recently opened a delivery only Manchester branch and judging by their extensive menu, it looks like they’ll be giving other vegan fast food joints a run for their money.

Their menu is impressive and features double stacked beef style burgers, crispy chicken style burgers (which can be made gluten free upon request), chicken style nuggets and a vast array of plant based milkshakes, with flavours ranging from lotus biscoff to bubblegum.

You can add a variety of toppings to the burgers such as: smokey plant based bacon, no honey mustard sauce and vegan cheeze.

My housemates and I decided to sample a few menu items to see if they lived up to our high expectations. Our order consisted of a selection of milkshakes, a chicken free burger, a garlic mayo chicken free burger and some nuggets and fries.

Photo @ Sorcha Cullen

The two chicken burgers were crispy and loaded with sauce without being soggy. My housemate who ordered the gluten free burger was impressed by the fact it came in a soft burger bun that looked equally as tasty as the non-gluten free equivalent. The general consensus was that the burgers were on the small side which was a shame because the flavours were spot on.

The chicken style nuggets were incredibly moreish and paired really well with the garlic mayo dip.

The milkshakes, which are made from vegan ice cream, are really smooth and creamy without being overly sickly. It was really creamy and tasted like a regular milkshake- not watery in the slightest! However, they did feel a bit plain for the price. Some vegan whipped cream would be a great addition.

Without a doubt, Frost Burger’s is a welcome addition to Manchester’s fast growing vegan food scene. They are joined by new openings such as What the Pitta & Four Side Pizza in the Northern Quarter. We can’t wait to see what 2021 brings for these restaurants. 

Sorcha Cullen

Sorcha Cullen

Food and Drink Editor.

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