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26th March 2021

Baked by Beth: Sweet treats delivered straight to your door

Stunning bakes delivered straight to your doorstep!
Baked by Beth: Sweet treats delivered straight to your door
The exclusive Easter themed box. Photo: Beth Thomas

Following on from our feature on JoeyMacaroni, South Manchester’s new student-run macaroni and cheese delivery service, I caught up with Beth Thomas. She is a third year psychology student at Manchester Metropolitan University. Last year, Beth started Baked by Beth: a Manchester based bakery which sells delicious looking bakes.

Beth bakes giant chunky cookies and gooey brownies. Her menu options are vast, with a range of different flavours such as Crunchie, Biscoff, and cookies and cream. Currently, Beth is selling an Easter themed menu, where you can get your creme egg or mini egg fix!

Baked by Beth is available for collection in Manchester or UK wide postage.

In Conversation with Beth

The Mancunion: Have you always been a baker, or did you discover your talents whilst at university?

Beth: “I’ve always enjoyed baking as a hobby growing up. During first and second year uni I didn’t really have the time and space to bake. Mainly because I was in shared accommodation. During the first lockdown I would bake every other day for my boyfriend, just because I was so bored! Around summertime last year I was really struggling to find a job. So, my family suggested that I sell my cookies! I don’t know why I have never thought of this before. My sister is also a cake baker so she persuaded me to join the baking club! Once me and my boyfriend moved into our flat together it was the perfect opportunity to start baking!”

M: What inspired you to start your own baking business?

B: “To be honest, what inspired me was having extra free time to invest into a hobby, and to also make a little bit of money of course! Being a student is really tough. I was only expecting to get one order a week to go towards my savings! But I never expected that I would be so busy, I am really shocked! Another inspiration was my sister. She started baking in March last year, and it completely took off, and she persuaded me to start the business!”

Photo: Beth Thomas

M: What are your favourite menu items?

B: “My favourite menu item has to be the galaxy and white chocolate cookie. I’m obsessed with the double chocolate cookie base. When I first introduced triple chocolate I was obsessed. But every time I found a dark chocolate chunk in it I hated it! I’m a massive dark chocolate hater, so creating the galaxy cookie just ticked all my cookie craving boxes! Also, my second favourite has to be the new mini egg cookie, exclusive to Easter! A mini egg inside a cookie is just a dream combination. It’s definitely my most popular cookie at the moment!”

M: How do you juggle running a business and being a student?

B: “Juggling a business and uni is really really tough. When I first started out I didn’t have too much uni stress, because it was the start of the year. But as the year went on, I found it really difficult to manage my time. Baking definitely took the priority over uni work, which is wrong. But I just enjoyed it that much, finding that motivation for uni work was so difficult! As time went on, and now that I am writing my dissertation, I have learnt that uni comes first. Baking is my little side hobby! Now I am only taking on a very limited number of orders a week so that I can manage around my uni work. It may get even less in the next month. But once my dissertation has finished, I’m going to go baking mad! It’s all about prioritising the most important things!”

Photo: Beth Thomas

M: How can we order some of your delicious bakes?

B: “To order my cookies I am available on:

Facebook and Instagram

Just pop me a direct message on a day you would like to order! I am much more active on my Instagram. This is where I create polls to get your ideas on new flavours. I also post lots of one-time discounted boxes! So make sure you check it out to grab yourself a bargain! 

As well as collection in Manchester, I also offer UK postal to your front door. This has been a success, and it means customers over the uk can receive the cookies! Baked by Beth has gone as far as Northern Ireland, Scotland and Cornwall!”

M: What does the future hold for Baked by Beth?

B: “The future is really hopeful for Baked by Beth. I never expected that my little business would take off so much in such a small space of time! I’m really thankful for everyone that has supported me and to all of my lovely customers. I hope to continue baking through the summer after I graduate. Then, in September, I am actually applying to do a postgraduate degree in psychology in Manchester! So baking will still continue. I will just be taking limited orders whilst I carry out my studies. I look forward to supplying you all with treats soon! 

Photo: Beth Thomas

Make sure to check out Baked by Beth on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date or place an order!

Sorcha Cullen

Sorcha Cullen

Food and Drink Editor.

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