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Review: Gooey

Gooey is a Manchester based bakery that specialises in New York inspired giant, rich cookies and fluffy filled donuts. The bakery is based in the Ducie Street Warehouse, an iconic industrial era warehouse turned cultural hub close to the city centre.

Gooey are currently operating a limited menu due to lockdown…this means no donuts (undoubtedly a shame). However, cookies are still available for delivery (Greater Manchester area only) and pick up from Thursday to Sunday. If you live fairly close to the city centre, I’d suggest going for the pick up option and taking a stroll around the nearby canals.

After weeks of browsing through their mouth-watering Instagram posts, I was keen to see if these cookies tasted as good as they looked.

Photo: Sorcha Cullen
Photo: Sorcha Cullen

Weekly options include cookies loaded with the classic milk, white or dark chocolate chips. In true New York style, a red velvet cookie features on the menu. However, arguably the most enticing thing about the bakery is their outrageously inventive weekly specials.

Past examples of these mouth watering specials include: The Peanut Butter Jelly Cookie, Sticky Toffee Cookie, Black Forest Gateaux Cookie and The Blueberry Pancake Cookie. The latter consisted of a buttermilk milk chocolate chip cookie, with a blueberry centre and maple glaze. Complete with a white chocolate square on top to emulate a slab of butter, it almost looked too good to eat. Emphasis on almost.

The size of the cookies is seriously impressive, if a little daunting. As per the advice from Gooey Co, I’d definitely advise putting them in the oven/microwave before trying them. A taste test of both options illustrated that the warm cookies were far superior in taste and texture than the cold ones. The warm cookies are soft, melty and absolutely delicious.

The cookies are definitely ideal for sharing with your social bubble as they’re (unsurprisingly) super sweet and go perfect with a cuppa. Aside from being a great way to treat yourself, the cute packaging and range of flavours mean these cookies would be a great gift. You can also buy gift cards via their website.

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Sorcha Cullen

Food and Drink Editor.
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