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Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday

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The Exciting World of Mancunion Film!

It seems you have stumbled upon The Mancunion film section! Welcome!

Manchester is one of the UK’s most exciting cities. The cultural hub of the north. The city is home to some of the most diverse and alternative artistic circles in the UK. Known predominantly for its sport and music, Manchester also has a thriving film scene.

Manchester Town Hall and the centre of the city

Home to Danny Boyle, Bernard Hill and even for a time Ben Kingsley, Manchester’s edgy, student-led culture has attracted filmmakers and actors for decades. Manchester also boasts an array of fantastic cinemas, from blockbuster multiplexes to alternative picture houses tucked away within the city. 

The city’s cinematic calendar is also packed and full of annual film festivals. Whether you prefer to be terrified by upcoming horror festival Grimmfest or would rather celebrate the beauty of independent film at the Manchester International Film Festival, Manchester is always teeming with cinematic life for you to engage with.

As the largest student film section in the country, The Mancunion aims to capture some of that cultural energy, to review, study and enjoy the array of films coming out around us. An historic part of Manchester student life, the section even has the honour of counting the UK’s most notorious film critic, Mark Kermode, as one of our alumni. 

Hence, we urge you to take the dynamic and historical spirit of the city. Engage your critical faculties and immerse yourselves in all that Manchester film has to offer. Are you a budding director, an avid film critic or simply someone with a passion for motion pictures? We are always looking for new writers to help cover everything film-related from Hulme to Hogwarts! 

Come and join us on our Facebook page ‘Mancunion Film 2021/22’  or turn up to one of our weekly section meetings on Mondays in the SU. We cannot wait to meet you!

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