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Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday

//Breaking: Students struggle to find library seats on Bank Holiday Monday More

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Cinema vs TV

The precedent set by modern TV is not only one that destroys the artistic integrity of the film but perpetuates a cycle of negative watching and passive viewership. Film Editor Benjy Klauber-Griffiths challenges television supremacy.


MANIFF 2022: Based on a true story, The Falconer is a cinematic dream but loses audiences due to its meandering plot and irritating protagonists


MANIFF 2022: Examining a generation raised on social media, this documentary takes a dive into some of the most troubling aspects of Gen Z’s technological addictions.


MANIFF 2022: A circus located in small-town America, a young woman looking beyond her families expectations, Balloon Animal is a coming of age story loaded with intrigue and depth


MANIFF 2022: This Lithuanian murder mystery delivers the excitement factor audiences love in such a thriller. It’s just a shame the audience I watched it with were so bad


MANIFF 2022: Blank

MANIFF 2022: A witty mix of sci-fi horror and family melodrama, Natalie Kennedy delivers in her first foray into the genre