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8th February 2022

A Month in Film: Our editor’s top picks

Lacking that fix of cinema? Here’s a cohesive list of the most exciting things going on in Manchester and across the film world for the next month
A Month in Film: Our editor’s top picks
Photo: Piccadilly Gardens @wikimedia commons

As term finally restarts, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to offer you a rundown of everything film related happening in the next month. And what a month it is! Highly anticipated blockbusters, niche Manchester film festivals and the dramatic lead up to the Oscars are all in store. Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in premiere excitement or simply avoid writing another essay, this list includes something for everyone.

Jarman at HOME

January 30th– March 10th

We start this list not with a film per se but with a chance to look back at one of the most influential and captivating directors of the 80s and 90s. Located at HOME, this exhibition/screening looks back at director, designer, and author Derek Jarman’s illustrious career as a notable gay rights activist and avant-garde filmmaker. Featuring guest speakers, a range of his feature films and pieces to reflect his work with important musicians of the day, this is an exhibition worth visiting in the short amount of time it remains on.

Full list of nominations for Oscars

February 8th

The culmination of award season is fast approaching as the Oscars get closer and closer. The full list of nominations was released on Tuesday 8th. Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog leads with 12 nominations, whilst a shock snub for Lady Gaga for Best Actress has left the category wide open. Check out our Oscar predictions on The Mancunion website and see if you agree!

Victoria Baths Valentines event

February 10-11th

Opinions differ when it comes to Valentines Day. Some love it, others hate it. Where you land on the debate will probably inform what you’re doing in the lead up to the ‘big day’. So when Victoria Baths played host to The Village Screen Pop-Up Cinema we couldn’t resist its dose of rom-com delights. Screening Mean Girls and True Romance, the event has already set the tone for the season of love. What will you be watching this year?

Photo: Victoria Baths, by Pit-Yacker @Wikimedia Commons

The Batman

March 4th

Finally, after more than a year of delays, Matt Reeves highly anticipated Batman film, featuring Robert Pattinson in the titular role, is arriving in cinemas. Personally, there is no film I’m looking forward to more. A stellar ensemble cast, a storyline that promises to be like nothing we’ve seen before and, if the trailers are anything to go by, gorgeous cinematography, means this new take on the caped crusader promises to fulfil all our expectations.

Manchester Film Festival 2022 (MANIFF)

March 13-20th

Manchester’s highly anticipated film festival returns in person this year. Located at the ODEON Great Northern the festival promises a host of World Premieres and never seen before films to occupy your time this March. Lasting a full week the cinema will play host to a range of feature length, foreign language, and short films to expand your indie film horizons. Whether you’re into grisly murder mysteries like Generation of Evil or intense family dramas like We’re All in This Together, MANIFF includes something for everyone.

Get your tickets here:

Viva Spanish and Latin American Festival

March 18th– April 7th

Another Manchester based festival to sink your teeth into. HOME welcomes the 28th edition of the festival and includes numerous UK premieres, Q&A sessions with curators and directors and exciting workshops to take part in. Films from Spain, Argentina, Chile and more shows the festivals eclectic range and pride in championing emerging voices and visions.

For more information and tickets visit:

The 94th Academy Awards

March 27th

They’ve finally arrived. Months of awards, voting and deliberation have led to this moment; the 94th Academy Awards. What drama will go down this year? Who will be the divisive winners? Will Belfast trump Jane Campions frontrunner The Power of the Dog? An important date for any film buff, check out our predictions for this year.

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