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17th October 2021

KINOFILM: Festival Preview

Welcome to Kinofilm, the most exciting short film festival coming to Manchester this week!
KINOFILM: Festival Preview
Photo: Dubai Film Festival 2010, Wikimedia commons

Kinofilm Manchester International Film Festival returns for the seventeenth year. Taking place between the 19th and the 26th of October, the festival celebrates an assortment of short films made by both English and foreign directors. The festival is renowned for showing some of the most subversive and diverse art films. Whether you are a fan of the British New Wave, Euro Cine or low budget animations, there is something here for everyone.

Photo: KINOFILM 2021

Screenings will take place at the Chapeltown Picture house, located a short walk from the Northern Quarter. The festival also covers a diverse range of themes and genres. The most notable series’ this year are the LGBTQ shorts, the UK student films and the Women in film selection. To add to that, Kinofilm is known for its impressive range of Italian and Spanish features.

The festival is another fantastic chance to attend one of Manchester’s many independent film festivals. The range on offer here is truly staggering. Tickets are still available at

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