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On the 3rd Day

Grimmfest 2021: On the 3rd Day

Written by Daniel Collins.

Argentine director Daniel de la Vega once again takes on the horror genre in a pulpy mystery thriller that morphs into bloody, semi-operatic carnage.

On the 3rd Day follows Cecilia after a mysterious car crash. Anxious and confused, she begins to search for her missing son, Martin, after waking up in hospital. Gradually, the film peels back the layers of how the accident came to be and where he may be as a result. Filled with mystery, we gradually follow Celia into a confusing and uncomfortable world of horror tropes. 

On the 3rd Day trailer

Featuring crazed cross-bearing Christian fanatics, incompetent policemen and a conclusion of blood-splattered victims. On the 3rd Day is steeped in horror DNA. Whilst it isn’t groundbreaking, the melting pot of influences from Hammer horror to Spanish melodrama to even the Italian Giallo is a joy to witness. The barmy climax of the tale may be hindered by some lacklustre special effects and unfold in a somewhat dissatisfying manner. However, the film never loses sight of its bolshy, unapologetic core. It even includes a gruesome post-credit scene for those who crave an extra dose. 

Without being pretentious or taking itself too seriously, this is an easy and gruesome watch. There have been few too little additions to this fun and simple genre of horror in recent years. On the 3rd Day is a perfect alternative for those looking for something outside of the more polished and pensive horror of A24.


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