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4th June 2023

TikToks over cookbooks

Looking to spice up your usual meals? From Vegan to meaty recipes, we’ve compiled the best Food-Tok accounts for you to feast your eyes on!
TikToks over cookbooks
Photo: Nik @ Unsplash

With easy-to-follow videos and free content, TikTok is taking over cookbooks for student meal inspiration.

I don’t know about you, but my FYP is full of FoodTok giving me some serious food envy. I have taken it upon myself, therefore, to filter through the deceivingly easy, and find you some of my favourite accounts for you to try yourself. Most are student-budget friendly as well so there’s no excuse not to test your culinary skills!


Creating the most aesthetic bakes to the most perfect soundtracks, this @Mxriyum’s account truly is like something out of a Disney movie. The videos make it look too easy, which while very satisfying to watch, is heartbreaking when your own attempts come out not looking half as good. This is a good one if you have a bit of a sweet tooth, and while she does include both veggie and meat cooks, you’ll struggle to find a vegan dish. Also, bear in mind this TikTok page has a habit of releasing tempting videos days before the actual recipe so you might be kept waiting. 

@mxriyumPesto Chicken Pot Pie ⏲🎞🤎 Ultimate comfort meal 💐♬ original sound – Mariam


Next up is definitely one for vegans. @Herbifoods covers everything you could want from vegan ricotta to tahini truffles. Vegan cooking essentials, however, are needed such as nutritional yeast and tofu. Still, the videos are easy to follow and often have a classical soundtrack to chill out the cooking stress. There’s always a recipe and a little explanation in the caption which makes the measurements and method too easy.

@herbifoods Creamy Carrot Pasta 🥕 #easyrecipes #healthyfood #cookingtiktok ♬ Originalton – Paul Köber


Another vegan and veggie favourite, @jenny.bolle has simple recipes that are all very healthy. Her videos have the sun shining and tropical backgrounds, which right now is a needed escape from rainy Manchester. The recipes are also listed in the caption and are easy enough to follow.

@jenny.bolle Hidden Veggie Soup that will make your house smell amazing🍲 It’s freezer friendly and perfect to pop out of the freezer whenever you need a quick dinner!💖 Ingredients (6 servings) 8 tomatoes 300g cherry tomatoes 1 red bell pepper 1 yellow onion 1 whole garlic bulb 3 carrots 1 tsp rosemary 1 tsp basil 1 tsp oregano Salt and pepper to taste Olive oil 1 can coconut milk 2 cups water (480 ml) 2-3 tbsp vegetable broth powder 2 cups (480 ml) cooked/ canned chickpeas Instructions: 1. Add roughly chopped tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, onion, carrots, garlic, bell pepper, olive oil and spices to an ovenproof dish. Bake for 40 minutes.
2. Add coconut milk, water, vegetable broth powder and chickpeas (cooked chickpeas) to the ovenproof dish and blend into a soup. Heat up if necessary and enjoy!
#soup #healthyliving #recipes #healthydinner ♬ original sound – JennyBolle

Bosh TV

Before trying this account be sure you have some nutritional yeast, as it seems to be the basis of pretty much every video. Nevertheless, however, this is a good one for vegan recipes that are not just salad and leaves but substantial meals. Be warned though,’s recipes are not in the caption so require a bit of guesswork or a look at their website. K!T Dumplings for the win 👏 We’re back in the kitchen frying and steaming off these beauties, which have been stuffed with red pepper, edamame & spring onion and finished off with a Soy & Chilli dipping sauce 🥟 #thispancan #bosh #kitchenware #veganrecipes ♬ Caramel Latte – Prod. By Rose
Photo: @ottelengi @ TikTok


This one is maybe not for the student budget (I doubt they sell black garlic in Lidl) but it definitely has the potential to impress (some great date night inspiration). The voiceovers are relaxed and the videos are easy to follow. However, you won’t be able to find the recipe in the caption – it requires a serious mix of rewinding the TikTok and eyeballing some measures. @Ottelengi provides a good balance of meat and veggie recipes but unfortunately not a lot for vegans.

@ottolenghi Prawn saganaki with the pop of preserved lemon salsa! #cookwithottolenghi #otk #ottolenghi20 #foodtok #tiktokrecipe #FoodRecipesTikTok #TiktokFoodRecipes #preservedlemons ♬ original sound – Ottolenghi

Fit Green Mind

Another vegan-friendly page. @Fitgreenmind definitely makes cooking seem a bit more attainable and while some of her videos do have recipes and measurements, others don’t which is slightly annoying. She is, however, doing a budget-friendly series which is worth a look at for that student budget.

@fitgreenmind MENEMEN (but vegan)🌱🇹🇷 RECIPE (3-4 servings, 25min prep time): -200g tofu Crumble in a pan and fry in oil for 2-3 mins. -2 Tbsp vegan yogurt -1/2 Tsp turmeric -1 Tsp kala namak or normal salt Reduce the heat and stir it in, cook for 2 more minutes, remove from the pan. -1 onion -3 peppers -2 cloves of garlic Fry in some oil until softened. -1 Tsp each cumin and paprika -1/2 Tsp chili powder -salt to taste -1 can (400g) chopped tomatoes Let it simmer 5mins. Then stir in the tofu and serve with simit or flatbread. #veganfood #easyrecipes #easyveganrecipes #easycooking #quickveganrecipes #quickrecipes ♬ Originalton – Maya Leinenbach

Ben’s Vegan Kitchen

To finish I give you another vegan favourite, Ben’s Vegan Kitchen. This one has easy voice-overs and simple but exciting recipes. He definitely adds a bit of flavour to eating vegan but as far as his TikTok account goes, I would say check him out on Instagram instead.

@bensvegankitchen #pizza is life. Thanks Ooni #vegan #veganfood #plantbased #dayinmylife ♬ original sound – Ben’s Vegan Kitchen

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