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25th October 2023

London, Paris, Fallowfield: Current trends in the student centre of Manchester

Struggling to find inspiration for your uni wardrobe? Look no further than the girls of M14
London, Paris, Fallowfield: Current trends in the student centre of Manchester
Credit: Gerald England @ Wikimedia Commons

The closest society will ever be to a real-life Pinterest board is probably ten minutes up the road from you. There are hundreds of trends out there at the moment: ‘bloke-core’, ‘coquette’, seventies revival, and the Jane Birkin bag trend, to name a few, and you will most likely find some variant of all of these in Fallowfield. If you’re looking to emulate Fallowfield style then you’re in luck, not only are most of the styles available second hand from charity shops, but if you need inspiration for your next outfit, all you have to do is look out of the bus window.

‘Bloke-core’ style

Of the many ‘core’ styles that are trending at the moment, ‘bloke-core’ is probably one of the more controversial due to the irony of embracing the style of middle-aged men with season tickets to Old Trafford. Generally, it involves football strips and scarves, track jackets and Adidas Sambas. It’s probably one of the most low-maintenance trends to follow due to how easy and comfortable it is to wear. However, as trends go, it probably won’t last long due to the specificity of the clothing, but ‘bloke-core’ is a great trend to embrace if you’re looking for something easy to find that won’t break the bank.

Football shirts are all over Vinted, rarely cost over £15, and are available in many sizes. The Brazil and Argentina strips were the most popular variation for summer, but with winter coming, darker and more muted colours will probably take over from the bright greens and blues. Inter Milan and FC Barcelona shirts are all over Pinterest right now, and will most likely be seen worn by on-trend students walking around Fallowfield this winter.

Credit: Adidas @, £85

If you’re in the market for some new winter trainers, Adidas Sambas are still going strong as the must-have winter shoe. Despite black and white being the classics, reds and blues are the colours for this winter, so if you’re looking to mix things up, the navy and scarlet coloured Sambas are a great choice to look like you fit in with the Fallowfield crowd. Pair them with your North Face puffer coat and you’re ready to hit the streets.

‘Coquette’ style

If football strips and scarves aren’t for you, ‘coquette’ style might be the trend to follow. In fact, ‘bloke-core’ and ‘coquette’ styles can even be merged if you like the look of both. The biggest accessory trends of winter can be combined with your favourite football shirt: adding bows to your hair and your tote bag creates a coquettish twist on the unisex ‘bloke’ clothing. When it’s cold, wrap up with your leather jacket (black or red) and skinny scarf, and you’re ready to embrace the chilly Manchester weather.

Brands like Motel Rocks and Brandy Melville are driving the ‘coquette’ train, selling loads of lacy tops and babydoll silhouettes to upgrade your basics. Sheer lace tank tops and milkmaid tops can be dressed up or down, and luckily for students, Motel Rocks offers a 15% student discount.

Credit: Motel Rocks @, £29

If you’re into your accessories, bows and lace can be bought incredibly cheaply from most charity shops selling scrap fabrics or even stolen from your gran’s sewing box. Tie them to your jeans, your bag or even replace your shoelaces with ribbon to embrace the ‘coquette’ trend.

Seventies style

One of the best pieces to re-emerge in the trend cycle in the last few years has been the afghan coat, a sheepskin jacket with fleece on the inside and suede-like leather on the outer. Perfect for a cold day when you want to dress up a simple ‘fit, they’re readily available second-hand and also sold at independent retailer The Hippie Shake, who sell hundreds of seventies-style items. The Hippie Shake’s Penny Lane Coat is on the pricier side, but due to the brand’s slow fashion ethos, it’s worth the extra pennies if you’re aiming to be more sustainable.

Credit: The Hippie Shake @, £149

Jeans are one thing that will never go out of style, and the seventies revival means that bootcut jeans have made a strong comeback. Bootcut jeans are one of the easiest styles to find in your local charity shop, and it’s probably also worth raiding your mum’s wardrobe for an old pair of hers. If you’re looking for a quick bootcut fix, Hollister’s low-rise bootcut jeans come in three different washes and they currently offer a 10% discount for students.

Credit: Hollister @, £39

Fallowfield fashion has become its own aesthetic, and with the wide range of easily available trends and styles to choose from, you too can be a part of the trendiest postcode in Manchester without eating into that sweet student fund too much.

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