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30th November 2023

Love? Actually, no thanks

Why getting that perfect couple’s photo on Instagram might not be worth it despite the pressure of love in the ‘cuffing season’
Love? Actually, no thanks
Credit: Zoe @Unsplash

If you’re unattached this festive season, there’s no reason to feel lonely this year! 

As enticing as a hot chocolate with matching pyjamas sounds, in reality, this is not quite as romantic as it seems. Is it worth being in a relationship to post the Instagram-worthy pyjamas, or is it time to skip ‘cuffing season’? 

Christmas Markets 

Christmas markets are perhaps the biggest dating faux pas. A wintery scene with a Yorkshire pudding wrap and a mulled wine is to be expected. However, the crowds of Market Street assaulting the senses are enough to put anyone off venturing out in this vile weather. Furthermore, having to buy yourself and your date food will heavily impact the student loan as a Yorkshire wrap will set you back an eye-watering £8.50 each. This is not to say that everyone should skip the Christmas markets; enjoy your mulled wine with a group of friends instead. 

Friends and family  

Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends. Why waste it taking a couple’s Instagram pics or discussing politics with a partner’s uncle? Rather than focusing on how lonely you feel at this time of year, cherish the love around you. Go home for Christmas and see your friends at the pub, or have a movie night with the family.  


The festive season is arguably the most expensive time of year, buying gifts for family, meals out, drinks, and functions. This can all add up, especially on a student budget. Having a loved one at Christmas can only add to the cost more, going on dates with them and buying them presents. You should feel incredibly lucky that you’re saving yourself from buying another bottle of Dior Sauvage. Instead, use this money to take yourself out on a date whether it’s dinner or nail day. 

Parties and events 

Going to parties and balls at this time of year can be incredibly daunting without a date. But don’t be scared to go alone, go to that party and have fun. Don’t do a Bridget Jones and stay home alone, as tempting as it may be at this time of year. Going solo can be part of the fun when it comes to seasonal events.  

‘Cuffing season’ 

As lonely as it can feel to see couples post their amazing relationships all over social media, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. It tends to be a trend for couples to get together at this time of year just because it’s what everyone else is doing. Don’t settle for a McDonalds date just because you feel left out.  

Being single at Christmas can feel very isolating, especially as a student. However, there are so many reasons to embrace it and enjoy this time of year. Make the most of being single, enjoy that food coma on Christmas day and ignore the pressure of having to meet someone. Take time for yourself this winter, and be sure to treat yourself. The energy you put into yourself will be sure to pay off in the new year.  

Words by Olivia Thornburrow

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