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11th December 2023

Quiz: Which winter aesthetic are you?

As we get nearer to winter, the Fashion and Beauty Editors have developed a quiz to find out which winter aesthetic you are – read on to find out!
Quiz: Which winter aesthetic are you?
Credit: digital piece by Maia Penny @ The Mancunion. Created using a photo by Szymon Shields @ Pexels and graphics by Canva

Fashion & Beauty are back with another quiz – this time, which winter aesthetic are you?

It’s frosty outside… which winter accessory are you reaching for to keep you warm?

a. A colourful hat

b. Black gloves

c. A coat is all you need

d. Ear muffs

e. A big scarf

What’s your hot drink of choice?

a. Mulled wine

b. Tea

c. You always change it up

d. Matcha

e. Coffee to go

Someone holding a mug wearing a scarf winter aesthetic
Credit: Brigitte Tohm @ Unsplash

What colour theme would you choose for your Christmas decorations?

a. Everything as colourful as possible

b. White and silver

c. Neutrals

d. Pink and sparkly

e. Gold and red

What’s your go-to outerwear piece?

a. A long wool coat

b. A puffer jacket

c. A structured jacket like a wool trench coat

d. A fluffy coat

e. A 90s style leather jacket

You want to watch a wintery movie and you choose…

a. Bridget Jones

b. Elf

c. Mean Girls

d. The Nutcracker

e. Little Women

Close up of a snowflake winter aesthetic
Credit: Aaron Burden @ Unsplash

You’re heading out into the cold, which shoes do you reach for?

a. Leather boots

b. Uggs or trainers

c. Biker boots

d. Moon boots or fluffy boots

e. Loafers or brogues

What would be your perfect winter day?

a. You go on a cute date to the Christmas market

b. You have a full-on snowball fight with your friends

c. Going for dinner or drinks somewhere funky and warm

d. You go ice skating and take cute Insta pics in your fluffy outfit

e. A quiet day reading, watching movies and baking

Which winter aesthetic are you? Answers:

Mostly As: Frazzled English woman

You’ve got the Bridget Jones look, now you just need a diary to turn your life into a full-on rom-com. You wear 90s-inspired basics like leather boots, but always stay wrapped up warm with large coats and chunky colourful hats and scarves. This winter aesthetic is currently trending on TikTok, with users citing Helena Bonham Carter, Keira Knightly (in the early 00s), and Kate Winslet in The Holiday as inspiration. Your hair is always a bit messy, much like your life in general, but you’re here for the plot, so it really doesn’t matter.

Mostly Bs: Comfort queen

Your winter aesthetic priority is comfort and warmth. You’re not particularly experimental with your outfits and prefer to stick to trusty basics, but you can’t go wrong with the classics, so you always look good. You probably have a black North Face puffer (for maximum warmth) and pair it with some comfy joggers (or preferably pyjama bottoms) and Uggs or Airforce. You would probably accessorise with a pair of gloves and some headphones, and you use them not only for the cool factor, but also for strategic protection from the icy winds.

Mostly Cs: Cool girl

Your style doesn’t change much in the winter because you’re just not that affected by the cold. You prefer to accessorise with chunky rings and bold earrings over gloves and a hat. You wear biker boots or similar for their practicality and effortless cool along with a thick jacket like a wool trench coat, a vintage leather jacket, or maybe a leather bomber. You make your own winter aesthetic, combining trends with unique pieces you probably thrifted from somewhere in the Northern Quarter. Sticking mostly to neutrals with a pop of colour, you look like you’ve just walked off the most fashionable girl’s Pinterest board.

Mostly Ds: Ski princess

Can you get any more furry? You live for winter aesthetics, and wait all year long to whip out your fluffy boots and earmuffs. The lack of mountains and snow in the UK doesn’t bother you, you’re bringing après ski realness to the streets of Manchester. You’re probably partial to a Moon Boot and leg warmer combo, and wear them with leggings, or a skirt and lacy tights. The famous Frankies Bikinis matching set is 100% on your wish list in every colour, and fits your aesthetic perfectly. Your favourite colours to style this winter are white, silver, and pale pink and blue.

Mostly Es: Cosy Autumn

You definitely love Gilmore Girls, and if you haven’t seen it, you should, because your style is straight out of Stars Hollow (the small, leafy, New England town the show is set in). Your autumn fashion inspo is also your winter aesthetic. Inspired by Lorelai and Rory, whose iconic outfits, such as the white cable knit jumper look from the first episode, you recreate on daily basis. As you stroll through Manchester, you imagine it’s Stars Hollow and you’re on your way to Luke’s for a free meal (have you ever seen Lorelai actually paying for anything?). We’re likely to find you sitting around on campus wearing a big scarf, with a takeaway coffee, and a book, blasting ‘Where You Lead’ by Carole King through your headphones.

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