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Alec Wilby

Alec Wilby

Indy Man Beer Con 2017

Indy Man Beer Con was back for its 5th year last weekend, Alec Wilby returned for the fourth time in search of doughnuts, gin and (presumably) beer.

Chocolate and peanut butter malt loaf

Following on from last week’s easy bread recipe, here is a slightly more advanced bread: chocolate and peanut butter malt loaf, a tasty addition to any breakfast, lecture or revision marathon

Nintendo Classic: Review

After about 2 weeks with it, my early impression is that I’m quite bad at most of the NES titles I’ve tried

Cup North

Alec Wilby visited Cup North – the Manchester Coffee Festival – to see what all the buzz was about.

Crowdfunding success at Manchester

In May this year the University set up its own crowdfunding platform, Crowdfunding at Manchester

Indy Man Beer Con

Alec Wilby muses over raised prices and real beer

Syndrome: Indie survival horror

Jump scares, creepy sounds and bad lighting are key features of survival horror games, but they are not the entire basis of the genre

Dinosaur feathers were the same colour as human hair

A new study led by the University of Manchester has found that dinosaur feathers came in a variety of colours including black, brown, and ginger