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Cat Hanson

Cat Hanson

Cat Hanson is a first year Chinese Studies student at the University of Manchester. She contributes to the Politics section of The Mancunion in light of her passionate interest in world leaders and issues of international diplomacy. You can follow her on Twitter @hanson_cat

Feature: Deliciously Ella

Cat Hanson introduces readers to Ella Woodward (AKA Deliciously Ella) and her amazing recipes

For a Budget we can all be proud of, build a moon base

Hot on the heels of Newt Gingrich’s latest maverick proposal, Cat Hanson has a novel suggestion for George Osborne’s Budget

My Political Hero: Jimmy Carter

The paternal President was a pillar of great strength in the face of a belligerent world, writes Cat Hanson

Who’s next in Europe’s game of dominos?

With European leaders toppling left, right and centre, the Arab Spring has given way to the Mediterranean Autumn – and it’s nothing if not entertaining, writes Cat Hanson

Guess who’s back? Back again – Putin’s back!

Vladimir Putin’s latest statement of intent doesn’t only have implications for President Medvedev – it will have a great impact on Russian democracy and the wider international community