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Ed John

Ed John

Getting involved with student media

Deputy Opinion Editor Ed John explains what student media has to offer and why getting involved can be so rewarding

The difficulty with cultural appropriation

Ed John argues that we need to take into account structural and political concerns rather than celebrity hairstyles when truly discussing about cultural appropriation

Can Cameron truly scale the wall of prison reform?

Ed John discusses the limitations of Cameron’s proposed prison reform and the overlooked issues that will only perpetuate themselves

Interview: Dusky

Ed John speaks to Dusky about producing, DJing, and their own label, 17 Steps

Is our pursuit of A.I. as intelligent as we think?

With artificial intelligence becoming more and more sophisticated, Ed John fears that we are undermining human experience

Censorship is the enemy of change

With a spate of high-profile attempts to censor media outlets, Ed John critically assesses our issue with the graphic truth

Violence on the Left: The Great Eggs-aggeration

With isolated acts of violence tainting the media’s response to the anti-Tory protests, Ed John looks at just how one-sided the coverage has been