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Eve Commander

Eve Commander

Courgette falafel

Eve Commander shares a favourite vegetarian recipe

What we really think about Hugh

Eve Commander ponders the virtue of this controversial chef

Delia Smith: food missionary or business mogul?

Eve Commander deplores Delia’s cheeky re-release

Double-choc cheesecake

Eve’s cheesecake packs a double chocolate hit, complete with fruity shortcut topping

A rookie’s guide to rice

Let this advice become ingrained in your memory

The homesick cook

Wholesome ideas for when you’re hankering after home

Fairy Fodder that butter wouldn’t melt

Halloween brings you a fairy feast

Eve’s signature bake

Strapped of cash? This recipe’s got some serious dough

Could Manchester’s Food and Drink Festival be too much of good thing?

Eve Commander explores 2012’s sprawling Manchester Food and Drink Festival