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13th February 2013

Double-choc cheesecake

Eve’s cheesecake packs a double chocolate hit, complete with fruity shortcut topping

If you want something indulgent, this double chocolate whopper is right up your street. Better still, it requires no baking. It’s worth paying a bit more for the chocolate – especially the white – but Bournville will do nicely for the dark. The fruit-averse could miss off the blueberry pie topping, but I think it cuts through the rich sweetness of the chocolate. For me, the superstar and only real extravagance in the recipe are the ground hazelnuts in the base, which is so good you may end up stopping right at that stage. Did someone mention a buttery biscuit base?

You will need a large cake tin with a removable base. Alternatively, you can do as I did and line a tin with Clingfilm or foil, overlapping so that you can pull it out.


Base (I do double and give you the ingredients for that amount)
230g crushed chocolate digestive biscuits
115g butter
115g ground hazelnuts (you can buy toasted hazelnut bits in a pack and then pound them up with a rolling pin)

140g white chocolate
140g dark chocolate
115g caster sugar
2 x 200g tubs full fat Philadelphia or similar
284ml carton double cream

1 tin blueberry pie filling (Hartleys do one, but you can also use jam)


Melt the butter, stir in nuts and biscuits and press to make base.

Melt the white and dark chocolate in two separate bowls. Whisk up the cream a little to thicken slightly before whisking in the cream cheese and sugar. Mix in half of this to each of the bowls of melted chocolate. Then scoop alternate dollops of white and dark chocolate over the base and swirl together a bit – you want each slice to have bits of both and no gaps between.

Chill for at least 3 hours, and when set cover with the pie filling.

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