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Joanne Procter

Joanne Procter

Food for thought

Joanne Procter offers her expert advice on how to eat smart for the coming exam period.

Butternut squash, chicken and feta salad

A healthy salad that is also filling and satisfying is a fine thing indeed

Chocolate and pistachio marshmallows

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Or is your loved one sweet enough?

White Chocolate Popcorn and Strawberry Daiquiri Dessert

This is a sensationally stylish dessert that you can serve either elegantly or as ‘Mess’. Joanne Procter retells her recipes for a dish for both the discerning diner and student cook.   Ingredients 100g popping corn 1 tbsp olive oil 100g white chocolate 300g strawberries, chopped 30ml white rum 1 tbsp caster sugar 75g pecan […]

Carb-free-cauliflower-based Pizza

A recipe for the health conscious, the pizza lover, and the creative cook. Joanne Procter delivers a flavour packed carb-free alternative to the Napoli Style stone baked pizza.

Ploughman’s loaf

Let this cheese and pickle loaf brighten your day

Free Cakes for Kids

Bake a cake that makes a difference!